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ART CAMP – the creative buzz!


09. 05. 2016

Art camp, the festival of creativity for families and children of all ages has found its way to the hearts of the visitors, not only children, from its beginnings in 2007 on.

Each year during the Lent Festival, Art camp revives the city park with its educational, cultural, and exploratory activities, turns it into a lively living room, and churns the imagination of children and adults.

The creators have set themselves a hard goal to revive the park in a way that would not harm it, and at the same time offer a good cultural and educational program which the visitors actively participate, create and co-create in. The program is meant for all types of families and children of all ages, seniors, the disabled, and marginalized; it is put together by local creative people, and hosts many renowned creative individuals from different art genres.

What’s new this year? The concept stays the same, but the program is richer. There are some changes regarding the venues. They will be set up closer to the promenade and will reduce the environmental impact. In this way Art Camp will stretch the promenade, and the biggest challenges will be the revival of the abandoned and decaying swimming pools. There you will find the Reading beach that will be, besides a lot of good literature, presenting publishing houses and authors who we like to read. Nearby there will be the Culture beat where you will be able to get to know your country, the world and yourself.

Urška Košica, producer of Art Camp: "I wish people would be more aware that the park is the city’s living room, that they would keep it clean, and take care of the plants. I wish the visitors would be aware about how much enthusiasm and voluntary work is needed to keep Art Camp free of charge for everyone. All the materials are donated by conscious companies, we set up and maintain the equipment ourselves … there’s a lot of physical work before the opening, and we do a lot of tiring work before everything even starts. It is too much taken for granted that this is a part of Lent Festival, and that it is free. But the happy faces and positive visitors make it worth it."

The visions for the future are ambitions, too: "If everything would be possible, I would take care of the paths in the park, provide bicycle stands, trash cans, I would install electro cases that could be hidden in the ground, and build an amphitheatre with a summer stage on the hill, on the shooting rage at Mimi we could set up a real campsite. We will keep the concept of the program as much as possible, because we would only destroy it by going more mainstream. But of course, it would be nice to get funding for weekend programs!” 

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