• 24.6. - 2.7. 2016

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MAIN STAGE – the stars of the festival sky


20. 06. 2016

The central festival venue moved to the centre, to the living room of the city, to Leon Štukelj square, and the first weekend will already be providing you with two magnificent stories – the theatre hits under the stars!

Turandot (Photo: T. Marta)

Opera ...

The first on the list will be the timeless opera Turandot by Puccini, which is one of his most popular works. The opera is one of the hits of this year’s repertoire of SNG Maribor, and will be opening the Lent festival in the open-air auditorium, lightning up the streets and squares with its luxurious scenography and moving arias.
In case of bad weather, the opera will be staged on Saturday, June 25th

... and ballet under the stars

On Sunday evening Leon Štukelj square will put on the mystical story from the northern countries. With music by Norwegian composer Edvard Grieg and based on the theatre play by Henrik Ibsen Peer Gynt will come to life through the ballet ensemble of SNG Maribor.. 
In case of bad weather, the ballet performance will be staged on Monday, June 27th

Peer Gynt (Photo: T. Marta)

Đorđe Balašević

Đorđe Balašević, the Balkan Bob Dylan, is returning to Lent. Everyone who managed to see him live despite the always sold-out shows, knows, that Đorđe’s immortal ballads are a feast for the ears as well as his stories, full of Balkan humour are a treat for the soul. The tireless poet, musician, humourist, commentator and extraordinary storyteller combines space and time into a dimension, surpassing borders and generations. Come and see him on June 29th!  

Đorđe Balašević

A musical, full of humour and linguistic nonsense  

On June 30th the main stage will be hosting the English Student Theatre from II. gimnazija Maribor, who have been filling up the halls with their curious Alice in wonderland. It’s a musical full of humour, linguistic nonsense and word plays, inventively packed into amazing costumes and intertwined with rock classics by The Doors, The Beatles and Queen …

Alice in wonderland

Concert with courage and boldness

After three years, the bold singers of Triestine Partisan choir Pinko Tomažič are returning to Lent, this time together with the Women's choir KombinatOn July 1st the evening will be dedicated to courage, solidarity, comradeship and reminiscence, hope and bravery.  

Triestine Partisan Choir Pinko Tomažič, Lent Festival 2013

The colours of the world

The international folklore festival Folkart is not only the biggest Slovenian festival of this kind, but also one of the most visible and valued festivals in the folklore world – and this year the two main events will be taking place on the Main stage on Leon Štukelj square.

This years spectrum of performing groups is very broad – from South America, Europe, all the way to Asia. The cold distant Finland will be heated up by passionate Argentina. The former joint homeland will be represented by the ever excellent Serbians, and the Asian part of the world will be presented by mystic Kazakhstan. The beauty of the Pacific world will be personified by the members of the group from Fiji, who will be competing with the hot rhythms of Costa Rica.

The festive opening will take place on Tuesday, June 28th on Leon Štukelj square, where all the visiting groups will present themselves to the audience.  On Thursday, June 30th, there will be a lot of folklore events in the whole city; in the morning on Grajski trg square, in the afternoon in Marprom arena, in the evening at the Drava river on Lent, next to the Jurček stage, and later on Glavni and Grajski trg square.

Saturday, July 2nd, will be very cheerful, loud and colourful. The performances on Grajski trg square in the morning, the parade through the city to Europark, will be followed by the festive closing ceremony on Trg Leona Štuklja square, where the groups from Argentina, Fiji, Finland, Kazakhstan, Costa Rica, Serbia and Slovenia will be performing their last two best dances for the audience. 

Folkart 2016: Fiji

The folklore week will be closed by magnificent fireworks!

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