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VEČER STAGE – always first choice for rockers, and much more


03. 05. 2016

Večer stage is destined to be talked about – and this year will be no exception, since it is loud, notorious, direct, exquisite, and most of all dedicated to good rock music with all its being.


A few years ago, the main discussion was about the decision on accessing the Večer stage only with a valid Lenta (but hey, isn’t paying the musicians the right thing to do?). This year’s hot topic is the new location of the stage. Why new? Because Lent is changing, and Žički dvor finally got a new owner after being neglected for so long, and last but not least because changes are good (even in rock).  

We’re moving to a new location because it offers more space, extends the festival promenade, and gives new life to another part of Lent. The stage will be located on the parking lot between the Tito bridge and the Water tower (Loška street).

The program is set; and of course Lent Festival continues to host the traditional rock festival Piše se leto on Večer stage.

The opening weekend is announcing a vivid fusion of the best “old” and new rock: on Friday, Predin is returning with Lačni Franz with new and renewed energy accompanied by the ex-newcomers Jardier. Their rock album from 2015 will be underlined by their contagiously melancholic and melodious indie rock.

Lačni Franz 

Saturday will be serving with a dynamic duo: the local and poetic Okttober will join Vlado Kreslin in Mali bogovi in rock version, providing a heavenly atmosphere at the Drava river.

Vlado Kreslin in Mali bogovi (foto: Srdjan Bosnić)

This will be followed by The Rumjacks from Sydney who are devoted to their Irish-Celtic folk punk, and are currently touring Europe. Later on you can experience a blues rock evening with the Slovenian rock band Prismojeni profesorje bluesa, who will be introducing their new album, and their new members.

Prismojeni profesorji bluesa

The rock encyclopaedia can only be complete with the legendary English Ozric Tentacles, who are coming to Maribor right from the notorious Glastonbury! Their psychedelically extra-terrestrial and emotional rock will be underlined by projections and lights, and will emphasize the brilliant sound of this ensemble that has been active for more than 20 years. 

Speaking of legends: the cultic ensemble Borghesia is back this year. The industrial alternative rock ensemble from the 80’s will be sharing the stage with the musicians of Werefox that will be presenting their new and greatly appreciated alternative edition of »Das Lied Der Maschinen« .

Večer stage wouldn’t be the same without the traditional concert »Piše se leto«, that was once the biggest Styrian rock party. This year’s opening will be taken over by the rollicking Slovenian indie rock group Koala Voice,  Edo Maajka will be sharp-tonguedly rhyming through a short performance, the Croatian  Brkovi and their unique combination of turbofolk and punk will be an introduction into something completely different. The peak will be provided by the unsurpassable “Balkan punk & rap” duo joined in an unconventional music style - Kultur Shock and Edo Maajka! Bujrum!

And the big closing? The fantastic and still vital Serbian punk-rockers Atheist rap and the enfant terrible of the Croatian and other scenes as well as the bad conscience of politicians,  the sharp-tongued LET 3!

Let 3

Rockers from everywhere ... see you on Lent! 

All concerts start at 9 pm, Piše se leto at 8 pm.
Access only with a valid Lenta (20/25 €) or a daily ticket (10 €).
You can buy your Lenta in the Info office of Narodni dom Maribor or on the Internet from May 18th 2016 on.  

This year, Lenta offers more advantages: read more about it here Lenting with Lenta - even easier this year.  

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