• 24.6. - 2.7. 2016

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LENT FESTIVAL in full swing!


16. 04. 2016

This year’s festival (24th edition!) will be enriching Maribor with its cultural and other events between June 24th and July 2nd, when the city will be brought to life in its most vivid form.

For more than 20 years, the Lent Festival is simply the synonym for Maribor in its best form – a proof of its vitality, multiculturalism, and potentials, and a time when the streets lighten up in a bustle of events, laughter, music, and light.

The city, its inhabitants, and visitors truly deserve the cultural offer, and throb of big European capitals, which help us stay optimistic, develop various visions, and the wish to enrich the regular cultural offer in the city. The Lent Festival is optimistically looking forward to the future after a few years of crisis and uneasiness; it is changing, but staying loyal to its original mission: to organize an extraordinary mix of art, culture and cultures.

Street theatre performance on Grajski trg

The festival is still the world capital of Lenting – that feeling of easiness, sociability, and hospitality, which can only be experienced in Maribor, on Lent.

Into the future

The Lent Festival brings a multicultural whirlwind of adventures into the city and the region. It is the biggest festival of this kind in Slovenia, and one of the biggest in the region. The ambitions and plans for the years to come are very eager regarding the length and scale, new and better venues and a more intensive development of cultural tourism. 

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