• 24.6. - 2.7. 2016

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JUDGEMENT TOWER – exquisite, charming, boutique-like!


12. 06. 2016

Is Judgmenet tower the smallest venue of Festival Lent with the biggest charm? That’s hard to say, but the seats are usually already taken even before the concerts start.

But of course they are, since the program is very exquisite and is fitting the protected building like a glove.

It’s about music and stories, intended for heightened ears and senses – ethno, jazz, tango, flamenco and klezmer. It doesn’t matter if it’s instrumental or vocal music ensembles – in Judgement tower we respect and nurture the diversity of genres, expressions and origins.

As an introduction to the festival, we welcome Slepa küra, who are describing themselves as intertwined and fragmented funk tradition, a walk through the Silicon valley of rock, a martial arts lesson for the wind player, a music set for relaxation and relief for the modern everyman, cuddling at sunset, a travel ration for a calm navigation through the rapids of life, in the spirit and body of time. Let’s see which one of these they will make come true. 

Quintet Piazzoleky

Following them is the famous (infamous?) Piazzollekya quintet from all corners of Slovenia. They express sensuality and erotica, silence, sadness and brutality in such a strong way as it is only possible to do with tango. 

On Monday Marko Brdnik and Uroš Rakovec will be on stage virtuosically taming the sound of two well-known instruments, the accordion and guitar. It will be getting wild on the next evening. Wild Strings Trio will provide an energetic music journey, combining Balkan and Celtic tradition, full of epic orchestral sound, intertwined with improvisation. On Thursday, we will welcome tradition in modern makeover by Vito Marence Flamenco GroupThis kind of music is the reflection of everlasting development. Look forward to a night of flamenco music with elements of classical, jazz, Latin, American, Indian and Arabian music. On Friday we’re looking forward to Čedahuči. There were a lot of rumours going around about them and their diverse Slovenian music and true energy which has been taking different forms from concert to concert. They are an interlacement of music, poetry, graphic and video art. In a very short time they developed their distinctive sound, and they always manage to engage their audience. We are sure, that this will be no different with the open-minded audience in Maribor.

Marko Brdnik in Uroš Rakovec

And on the last, the sweetest day of the festival? We call her „sensual magician of voices, and her range spans from urban pop to sung poetry and chanson– Katja ŠulcThe charismatic singer dedicated her new album Kamlisajlan' to Romany poetry from the Balkan and Eastern Europe. This will be a musical treat of the night, for sure!

Katja Šulc

But ... what’s a festival without surprises, without highlights? There will be two „secret“ concerts waiting for you after midnight, when The Neighbours and Klezocustic's will step on stage. When? Check our program! Kdaj?

You will need a Lenta to enter Judgement tower (20 € early-bird price until June 19th, and  25 € after this date).

Vinoteka Vodni stolp will take care of exquisite wines and your well-being.

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