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LIVING CITY - feeling good in the city


13. 05. 2016

People are the city. Not the buildings, the streets or facades. People. And the city only comes alive when we feel good in it, when we see it as our home, and treat it with love and full responsibility. Therefore Living city is a space for our meetings, discovering, friendships and nice neighbourly relations.

Last year Living courtyards grew out of its frames and started to revive the streets and squares of the city. The feedback was so positive, that we will keep supporting this development this year as well: the activities will take place from the market place along the Koroška street, on some courtyards and streets leading to Lent, across the Main square and along the Gosposka, Gregorčičeva and Maistrova street to the city park.

You should not miss two self-initiative actions: the inhabitants Gregorčičeva and Maistrova street are preparing a special community program Gregorčič-ing and Maister-ing on their streets and in their courtyards. The program will open the usually closed doors, and enable you to spend time with neighbours, friends, and random people living in Maribor.

And of course – again, we will shut down Koroška street for one day and try to create a community promenade, a playground and stage and free it from cars, and show what potentials lie in this medieval street. The community program of the agents of Koroška street, music, workshops, exhibitions, sports events, dance events, workshop of the Centre for graphic art, food and drinks, and the little flea market will be encouraging the inhabitants and visitors of the city to take a walk on this rather busy street and feel that true, chilled throb of the city.  

Gosposka street will be inviting fine Ladies in their most fabulous dresses and handsome Gentlemen in their best outfits to the Dance tasting, so we will not just get to know each other through screens. When you will start to feel dizzy from dancing, you will be able to treat yourself with homemade delicacies, see an exhibition in the courtyards or take part in the open debates of Discourse in the courtyard. 

Koroška Street Live at Festival Lent 2015

What is new this year? We want to bring back the original characteristics of Living courtyards which are the source of our work: intimacy, cooperation and the love to explore.  

Therefore we are preparing Secret treasures in Rajzefiber Biro, that will invite you to discover the secret paths in the city, the forgotten corners and award you with a special experience on the found courtyard. Since there are never enough treasures, the number of the participants is limited – we advise you to book in advance!

And there is another thing we are proud of: while strolling around in Graz we got to know the creators of Lendwirbel Festival, who will bring their creativity to the Lent Festival and give our program a special international spirit.

Ladies and gentlemen, let's go to Gosposka Street! at Festival Lent 2015

The program Living courtyards is deliberately a long process in close cooperation with all agents in the city: the inhabitants, the salespeople, caterers, the young and old, organisations and individuals on the Gosposka, Maistrova, Gregorčičeva and Koroška street. Therefore the program is full of surprises, very spontaneous by nature and very open-minded. At the same time it calls out to all participants and visitors to treat each other with respect and be eco-conscious towards the city.

Join us, be nosy, be alive and lively! You will discover the secret treasures of Maribor, the world capital of Lenting, and, at the same time, co-create the happenings!

The team of Hiše!, association for people and spaces

Producer of the Living city program is Hiša!, društvo za ljudi in prostore; we plan and design it in Rajzefiber biro, Gosposka ulica 11. Visit us! (LOGO)

The co-producer of the program is Narodni dom Maribor

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