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KHOROSKI - a fiery introduction


01. 06. 2016

All-evening concert as an introduction to the festival events with the Belarusian National Dance Ensemble Khoroski.

There’s no better introduction to the events of Lent Festival 2016! We have a surprise for our loyal audience, for all those who have been supporting cultural activities in our city for the past decades: the amazing all-evening concert of the Belarusian dance ensemble Khoroshki.

We are looking forward to an evening of folklore aesthetics, fiery dance energy and pure life joy, which is woven from wonderful stories of the Belarusian cultural heritage.


The ensemble was founded in 1970. Its members are real masters, and professional ballet dancers. Thanks to renowned choreographer Valentina Gajeva, the repertoire of the group is very broad: from the renaissance, aristocratic parties, bourgeois times and national rituals. The turbulent history and tradition of the Belarusian nation has been going its very unique path, and their music is full of cheerful sounds, and their dances are pure joy. In its 46 years of existence, Khoroshki has been traveling all around the world, enchanting audience in more than 40 countries. With their precise coordination, dynamics, acrobatics and rich costumes, they are a real eye and ear candy.  

With the typical openness and warmth of their country they will take care of an unforgettable evening! 


Ticket holders of the Symphonic, the Orchestral, and Chamber concert series of the Concert office of Narodni dom Maribor for the season 2015/ and Lenta holders can pick up their free tickets at the box office of SNG Maribor during the opening hours. The seating for this concert is free. Secure your seat in time!

Organisers: Narodni dom Maribor and SNG Maribor

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