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Dario Seraval (vocal) 
Aldo Ivančič (programming, electronics, drums) 
Irena Tomažin (vocal) 
Jelena Rusjan (bass, vocal) 
Andraž Mazi (guitar)

Borghesia is a Slovenian electronic music/rock music group, created in Ljubljana in 1982. The band was formed by members of the alternative theatre group Theatre FV-112/15. Borghesia created its aesthetics using the imagery of what was prohibited, tabooed, and repressed. Their sound is often compared to that of other groups in the period such as D.A.F., Manufacture, and Front 242, whom many cite as the chief instigators of the Electronic Body Music label used to describe such music.

Borghesia went on several Europe-wide concert tours, mainly in 1988-91, which were reviewed in large music magazines in England, Germany etc., such as NME, Melody Maker, New Life Soundmagazine, and Zillo. They released four albums on Play It Again Sam, one of the more important indie labels, which were also licensed to Wax Trax in the USA and Canada. Further interviews and articles can be found in the aforementioned magazines. Aldo Ivancic later formed the band Bast, and is famous in the Slovenian music scene today as a producer. Borghesia together with Laibach were prominent representatives of Slovenian alternative pop music, and topped the bill on the compilation albums Trans Slovenia Express, released on Mute Records. A Borghesia live show in Gothenburg, Sweden in October 1988 was the subject of an hour-long broadcast on Swedish national radio, on the show P3 Live.

In June 2014 they released the album "And Man Created God", and returned to the stage. With the words of Borghesia: "In the meanwhile a bad system was replaced by a worse one. The rich have been stealing from the poor since the dawn of human race. Today these dimensions have become absurd: capital, money making money, has become a new deity. Money, this new age golden calf. Money. We've all ended up being good consumers. One should fight a system which does not work for the benefit of people. Therefore, the record is entitled And Man Created God."

"And Man Created God" CD/LP (Metropolis Records, 2014) "20th Century - Selected Works" 2xCD (FV Music, 2009) "Pro Choice" CD (FV Music, 1995) "Dreamers In Colour" LP/CD (PIAS, 1991) "4x12" LP/CD (Blind Dog Records, 1991) "Resistance" LP/CD (PIAS, 1990) "Ogolelo mesto" LP (FV Music, 1988) "Escorts And Models" LP/CD (PIAS, 1988) "No Hope No Fear" LP/CD (PIAS, 1987) "Njihovi zakoni, naša življena" LP (FV Music, 1985) "Ljubav je hladnija od smrti" LP (FV Music, 1985)


Melée (vocals)
Sašo Benko (guitars, vocals)
Manuel Hahn (bass, vocals) 
David Halb (drums, vocals)

The alternative band from Slovenia's region of Prekmurje returns to the spotlight! Werefox released their debut album 'I Am Memory' in 2013 and are now opening a new chapter in their story, perfect for all explorers of melodic, mystic and aggressive sounds.

Werefox are by no means newcomers to the music scene, since they are experienced musicians with a rich musical background. The vocalist Melanija Fabčič - Melee and the guitarist Sašo Benko - Bekko first crossed paths in the legendary Psycho-Path. Bekko is also known for his unique riffs in the band Manul, his solo project Bekko and being a member of Kleemar's live band. It made perfect sense for Melee and Bekko to join forces with colleagues from the regional scene - drummer David Halb and bassist Manuel Hahn who were bandmates in Sphericube and Kleemar's live band. David was also a member of the Croatian Lollobrigida in their most fruitful period. Werefox's critically acclaimed debut established them as one of the more intriguing protagonists in the scene, supported by stylistically sophisticated videos for March of the Finest and The Redneck Genius Story.

For their sophmore record 'Das Lied der Maschinen' (which translates to 'The Song of the Machines'), the rock machinery that is Werefox joined forces with Moonlee Records and attempts to answer the recurring sci-fi question - can machines develop emotions? The answer is a resounding 'yes'. The album kicks off hard, yet manages to surprise with each following track, taking us to another world. Rich arrangements, dynamics and diversity can lead us to draw parallels to Queens of the Stone Age, The Dead Weather and Bosnian Rainbows. 'Das Lied der Maschinen' with its carefully selected tracklist order is made to send various emotional impulses straight through the listener. Dirty sonic guitar riffs flirt with anthemic catchiness and take almost pop melodies on a wild ride in a rusty furious machine across a vast stoner desert. After 39 minutes, the machine self-destructively drives off the edge of a cliff and concludes the story of machines waking up from a long slumber.

'Das Lied der Maschinen' was recorded in August 2015 at Layerjeva hiša in Kranj, with Hannes Jaeckl in the producer's seat (Hannes was also the producer of the first four Psycho-Path albums). Werefox also invited a few guest musicians, among them Mojca Krevel (Niowt) who provided additional vocals on two songs, Dominik Bagola played some keyboards and glockenspiel, while the producer Hannes played some additional guitars and keyboards. The album is released on February 4th by Moonlee Records as a cd or a free download.

The fertile lands of Prekmurje have once again proven the region as the epicenter of creativity in Slovenia - musically dynamic, diverse and fearless to exploration. Werefox are definitely at its very core and are ready to give 2016 a powerful kickstart. Listen to the song of the machinery that is Werefox!


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