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Hauptbühne - Leon Štukelj Platz

Folklore-Festival Folkart


28. FOLKART - Abschlussveranstaltung (ARG, FIJ, FIN, KAZ, CRC, SRB, SLO)

Folkart is a colourful palette of infinite colours of folk traditions from all over the world.

The folklore festival in Maribor, which is taking place for the 28th time, is one of the most visible ones in the folklore world. This year's performing groups is very broad – from South America to Europe and Asia. The cold distant Finland will be heated up by passionate Argentina. The former joint homeland will be represented by the ever excellent Serbians, and the Asian part of the world will be presented by mystic Kazakhstan. The beauty of the Pacific world will be personified by the members of the group from Fiji, who will be competing with the hot rhythms of Costa Rica.

The festive opening will take place on Tuesday, June 28th, on Trg Leona Štuklja square, where all of the groups will be introduced with two dances. Before that the folklorists will take a stroll on Lent. On Wednesday, June 29th, and Thursday, June 30th, there will be a lot of folklore events in the whole city; in the morning on Grajski trg square, in the afternoon in Marprom arena, in the evening at the Drava river on Lent, next to the Jurček stage, and later on Glavni and Grajski trg square.

Saturday, July 2nd, will be very cheerful, loud and colourful. The performances on Grajski trg square in the morning, the parade through the city to Europark, will be followed by the festive closing ceremony on Trg Leona Štuklja square, where the groups from Argentina, Fiji, Finland, Kazakhstan, Costa Rica, Serbia and Slovenia will be performing their last two best dances for the audience. The folklore week on the banks of Drava will be concluded with majestic fireworks!


Gran Ballet Argentino, Cordoba

The artistic group Gran Ballet Argentino has been active for 53 years and is one of the most important choreographic creations of Argentina. Its main characteristics are their dance creations with an emphasis on moves, expressions and communicativeness. They are the most visible ambassadors of Argentinian folk tradition.


Motora, Joensuu

Group Motora was founded in 1968. The young folklorists are successfully performing in their area and are one of the best folklore ensemble in Finland. The group is known for its lively and interesting shows. They come from Joensuu in the region North Karelia in the eastern part of Finland.


VOU Dance Company, Suva

Vou is an explosive and dynamic Pacific group, an extraordinary experience which takes you to the paradise of the island, full of ancient stories, tradition and culture. Through their music and dances Vou are representing the mixture of old and new, traditional and modern. It is a very diverse and internationally renowned dance group showing the picturesque history of Fiji in the southern part of the Pacific ocean.


Tugan Zher and Alkisa, Petropavlovsk

Visiting from the land of wide steppes, the home of Mongolian ancestors whose leader was Genghis Khan, from the land of turbulent history, the land of great natural treasures and breath-taking beauty is a very interesting folklore ensemble that is enthralling audiences with its extraordinary performances, full of liveliness and acrobatics. It is accompanied with a unique musical orchestra.


Inspiraciones CostarricensesSan José

Columbus named this small, but wonderful land Costa Rica – rich coast. The times of Spanish colonialism went by relatively calmly, and that’s why this is a well-organized and stable country today. Its inhabitants are one of the happiest people on the planet which can be experienced through their dances and music. The group has been representing its country since 2004 and has been performing at festivals all over the world.


KUD Zora, Belgrad

The folk dance group Zora was founded in 1992. ZORA means early morning dawn, which is one of the most wonderful parts of the day. The devoted and serious work of professionals with children and youth made them one of the best groups in Serbia. They have participated at more than 1000 concerts and 50 folklore festivals all over the world. 


Študent academic folk dance group, Maribor

One of the best academic folk dance group in Slovenia is celebrating its 51th anniversary this year. Every year, for 26 years in a row, the group co-organizes the international folklore festival Folkart in Maribor. With the help of the group the festival became one of the best folklore festivals in Europe. Together with Narodni dom Maribor they endeavour to welcome the participants to Maribor and make their stay here unforgettable.
They are devoted folklorists, exceptional ambassadors of folk tradition and with their youthful energy they are ensuring that the tradition of former generations finds its way to the national and international stages. 

Šaleško folklore association Koleda, Velenje

The founders of this folklore group Neva and Mile Trampuš, who wanted to form a high quality group and make it one of the best ones in Slovenia. With their hard work and persistence they reached this goal, and gave the group a uniqueness that is still the main trait of this group. Koleda follows the folk tradition, performs songs and customs, and helps preserving them. Folk dances are a cultural treasure of the Slovenian nation and the young dancers and musicians love to recreate them. 

Folklore association Kres, Novo mesto

Was founded in 1975 in Novo mesto. The group members are amateurs who, besides their different interests and the age gap, are connected through good mood and love for Slovenian folk traditions. Their children’s, youngsters’ and adult group, as well as the choir, veteran’s, musical and tambura group, consist of more than 130 members. Their repertoire includes songs and dances of Dolenjska, Bela Krajina, Koroška, Štajerska, Goričko and Zgornje Posočje region. Their aim is to preserve folk traditions in a pure and high quality form. Their many prizes and happy audiences are an award for their persistent work and an encouragement for their future activities.   


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