• 24.6. - 2.7. 2016

      ŠE -545 DNI...



Wade Schuman (harmonica, guitars, banjo, vocals)
Mazz Swift (vocals, violin)
Pamela Fleming (trumpet, flugelhorn)
Steve Elson (saxophones, clarinets, duduk, flute)
Michaela Gomez (acoustic and electric guitars, banjo, "steel" guitar)
Eric della Penna (acoustic and electric guitars)
Jon Sass (sousaphone)
Kevin Garcia (drums, percussion)

How often do you consider the advice of a friend who's telling you: "You really shouldn't miss this concert!" This would be the concert he is talking about: the performance of world-blues stampede Hazmat Modine is a real sensation at all festivals in Europe and more than a good reason to consider your friend's advice. During their tour in honour of their 10th anniversary, the bust will stop in Slovenia only and exclusively just for Lent Festival: out of it will crawl eight extraordinary musicians who are rooted in blues of the 20's and 30's, and get the best out of the Balkan tradition. Their typical sound consists of harmonicas accompanied with two guitars, and in the background you can hear a strong rhythmic section of saxophones, trumpets, tubas and drums, but during their concerts you can also experience a lot of other unknown and long-forgotten instruments.

And how does Hazmat Modine sound live? Imagine Tom Waits and Goran Bregović breaking into a brothel in the 1920s and starting to play gipsy blues on a harmonica while music from Mali and Siberia, and sometimes reggae and dub are playing on the radio. You are somehow close to the phenomenal music we are talking about. Is there anything better than conclude the festival with twisted world-blues? We can only say: Extra-Deluxe-Supreme party on the last day of Lent Festival!


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