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Ever since stepping into the arena of international club electronica almost a decade ago, the young man they call Stefan Obermaier first and foremost stayed true to himself and to his unique sonic vision as a producer and DJ. 
Born in Salzburg, Stefan lives in Vienna since 2001. His parents gave him his first keyboard when he was just two years old. Inspired by the Vienna Sound of this time, in the early 1990s he already played in various Funk & Jazz projects. Both 1997 and 1998 saw him winning the Austria Band Contest with his school band and his original compositions. Simultaneously, Stefan made it at the age of 17 to the forefront of performing electronic musicians in the Salzburg area. In a time, where there were no functional laptops on the market, he was one of the very few moving around with their computers and installing them in the venues for their gigs. After finishing school, Obermaier moved to Vienna to study music science, but left for good upon signing his first record contract in order to focus on his musical output. Stefan then has built a name for himself with his remarkable solo releases, the in-demand remixes he delivered for a.o. Supermax, Mark Murphy, and M ('Pop Muzik') over the years and for his Gold selling 'Classic Reloaded' side project that saw him piece apart some of Beethoven's and Mozart's most famous works retooling them for the 21st century. 
And yet, at the same time, there is a large amount of evolution and freshness in the music of Stefan Obermaier. Our man from Austria effortlessly manages to fuse the essence of what happened on the Vienna scene in terms of all things cool, funky & dubby during the mid nineties with a more energetic, strictly future bound tech approach and quite an organic amount of soulful spirituality on aside. 
In order to launch his own label Drift Rec. in 2012 with his partner Zwetelina Angelova, Stefan has stepped up to the plate delivering 4 tracks (Bagana EP) that already has DJs purring with delight. Title track 'Bagana' sums it all up nicely: Crisp, uplifting, house music primed for the dance floor. With the worthy successor 'Traveler' Obermaier proved again his international capabilities in the matter of organic and soulful house music and reached the top 10's in the Germany's (DCC) and UK's (Cool Cuts) leading club charts. Shishanna EP and the single Apia, his third and fourth releases in 2012, made it up to #2 at DCC. With his consequent relaeses "Alpino EP", "Magolie/Monsoon", "Sinaye/Dawning" and the following Stefan continues this path.


or Aljaž Rojs is a DJ who has been attracted by electronic music since his teenage. He grew up in Slovenia and got to know minimal techno of the label m_nus first. Later, Valentino Kanzyani had a great influence on him and made his musical repertoire go into a more emotive, expressive direction. Two years ago he joined the label Colours in Music, where he is improving his mixing and is collecting vinyl. Roiss is a big contributor to the night life scene in Ptuj where he was heating the audience up for musicians such as Nicholas Lutz and Valentino Kanzyani.


or Niko Gjurasek is a young DJ from Ptuj who has been collecting a set of underground house and techno in the past few years. He mostly focuses on old school intertwined with strange sounds.

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