• 24.6. - 2.7. 2016

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Miklavž - Sporthalle

Folklore-Festival Folkart


Folkart is a colourful palette of infinite colours of folk traditions from all over the world.

The folklore festival in Maribor, which is taking place for the 28th time, is one of the most visible ones in the folklore world. This year's performing groups is very broad – from South America to Europe and Asia. The cold distant Finland will be heated up by passionate Argentina. The former joint homeland will be represented by the ever excellent Serbians, and the Asian part of the world will be presented by mystic Kazakhstan. The beauty of the Pacific world will be personified by the members of the group from Fiji, who will be competing with the hot rhythms of Costa Rica.

The festive opening will take place on Tuesday, June 28th, on Trg Leona Štuklja square, where all of the groups will be introduced with two dances. Before that the folklorists will take a stroll on Lent. On Wednesday, June 29th, and Thursday, June 30th, there will be a lot of folklore events in the whole city; in the morning on Grajski trg square, in the afternoon in Marprom arena, in the evening at the Drava river on Lent, next to the Jurček stage, and later on Glavni and Grajski trg square.

Saturday, July 2nd, will be very cheerful, loud and colourful. The performances on Grajski trg square in the morning, the parade through the city to Europark, will be followed by the festive closing ceremony on Trg Leona Štuklja square, where the groups from Argentina, Fiji, Finland, Kazakhstan, Costa Rica, Serbia and Slovenia will be performing their last two best dances for the audience. The folklore week on the banks of Drava will be concluded with majestic fireworks!


Tugan Zher and Alkisa, Petropavlovsk

Visiting from the land of wide steppes, the home of Mongolian ancestors whose leader was Genghis Khan, from the land of turbulent history, the land of great natural treasures and breath-taking beauty is a very interesting folklore ensemble that is enthralling audiences with its extraordinary performances, full of liveliness and acrobatics. It is accompanied with a unique musical orchestra.

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