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Street food festival

SLADOLENT: Andrej Kuhar, Janez Bratovž, Tanja and Damir Pintarič

Street food festival

When top chefs visit Maribor, it is always a reason to celebrate. But when there are 27 of them visiting in 9 days, then the Styrian capital turns into the culinary centre of Slovenia.

The 6th Sladolent will bring the most famous names of the Slovenian cuisine to the biggest street food promenade between June 24th and July 2nd and offer its visitors more than 60 original street food creations in the company of Slovenian high quality wines.  

”Maribor is alive! And there is a lot happening from KGB to SladoLent. SladoLent brings names such as Janez BratovžDamjan FinkTomaž KavčičMarko Pavčnik and many others and this is very special. And they make street food, they don’t cook in an elite restaurant. You have to put a lot of effort, knowledge, and skills in these small dishes to present your creativity and imagination. And this is happening in the middle of Maribor, in front of a crowd, who likes to come to Lent and taste and enjoy. This is rock’n’roll..” David Vračko (Večer, January 18th 16)

For a long time now, street food hasn’t been just a craze or a made-up obscure thing. It has become an independent culinary branch with its own trends, rules and techniques. A way of expression that cannot be caught in big, heavy plates in pompous restaurants. It keeps changing and developing. It’s that kind of joy which you don’t need do dress up for or book a table, all you need is just a hint of curiosity and a hunger for the good. Street food has become an art form where the best chefs can polish their creativity.  

SladoLent, too, has managed to become a recognisable part of the Festival Lent, it is the promenade of Slovenian cuisine where the best Slovenian male and female chefs come and show their skills. In the end, the winners are always the visitors who evaluate their creations and enjoy the selected wines. So it’s no surprise that there are many people milling between the stands even before the opening, eagerly waiting for the evening treats. And this is why we will offer them what they want and expect – three top chefs will be serving them each at least two original creations every evening, and renowned Slovenian wine growers will provide the best wines to go with them. But, of course, we will introduce a novelty this year: we will take care of the music selection, and every evening will get its own in order to give it a very special hint.  

Wednesday evening will be something extraordinary. Chef Ana Roš (Hiša Franko) is returning to SladoLent after a few years of absence, and will be joined by two promising talents: Luka Košir (Gostišče Grič) and Borut Jovan (Galerija okusov). Together they will provide a masterful fusion of traditional Slovenian cuisine with the newest international trends and techniques. 

Since we’re hosting the most successful Slovenian female chef, we shall not forget about the male ones. Therefore Thursday evening will be dedicated to Tomaž Kavčič (Gostilna pri Lojzetu), who is introducing Slovenian cuisine around the world, and to Jure Tomič (Ošterija Debeluh), who is introducing international cuisine in Slovenia, as well as to Gašper Čarman (Gostilna pri Danilu), who is reminding us with his dishes that Slovenian cuisine can reach world class.

A whole week of culinary adventures demands a proper closing, this is why the last two days of this year’s SladoLent will be full of sweet surprises. On Friday evening, Damjan Fink (Gostilna Na gradu) will be filling the air with tempting smells, and he will be in the company of Lena Klinar and Primož Gregorčič (Domačija Gora pod lipo). We even managed to get Ivan Kastelic (Dnevni bar Pr’Mrtinet) away from his praised oven for a day – he will transform his rich experience with oven dishes into tasty street treats.

As always, the end of the festival will be celebrated with fireworks, a lot of good music and the last three top chefs. The tasty closing will be provided by Boštjan Pavli (Harfa), Kristjan Anderlič (Sedem) and Mišo Krojsl (Rožmarin), and when the ovens and stoves will be turned off for the last time, we will be treated with selected wines from renowned Slovenian wine makers. 

The cooking show at Lent in three professionally equipped Electrolux kitchens – Electrolux is the main sponsor of SladoLent – will start everyday at 7 pm and last till midnight. The price for each dish is 3,50 Euros, and they will be served in non-refundable boxes made by DS Smith.

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